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A Beautiful Meditation for the New Year

A Beautiful Meditation for the New Year

Happy near year everyone!  To start off the new year in a beautiful way, I want to share this meditation from Laura Hegfield over at Shine the Divine.  The meditation focuses on increasing joy, and realizing one’s inherent goodness, two beautiful aims to cultivate in the coming months and days.

Also, Laura’s voice is so calming and relaxing, it is a pleasure to listen to.

In the recording, Laura discusses Hitbodedut and other aspects of Jewish meditation.

Photograph by Laura Hegfield from Shine the Divine

Laura says “Sometimes joy needs tending.  To do this, we can prepare the garden of our hearts, aerate our soul-soil, create space for seed-thoughts, such as moments of joy are possible, to achieve roots, breathe,and grow.  Rather than ploughing over and tamping down our emotions such as sadness, fear, anger, or jealousy, we notice when they sprout up into our consciousness, without gripping them with the fingers of our minds and identifying with them. With wisdom and kindness, we know that these too are part of our landscape of human consciousness, but not all of it.”

Here Laura discusses Adar, but I think this meditation is equally perfect in these dark January days, or really any time.

Please check out Laura’s website and amazing photography at the websites below.  You will enjoy it.

Laura’s Website:

Laura’s Blog:

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