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About Walking Kabbalah

DevorahHi, my name is Devorah.  The Walking Kabbalah Blog is a collection of my notes and understandings from studying with Kabbalist Samuel Avital for over 10 years.  Kabbalah is an extremely deep and beautiful wisdom tradition and studying it has changed my life many many times over.  I’m excited to share some of these beautiful learnings with you in a way that can be, not just thought about, but truly lived and practiced.

One of the things that inspires me about studying with Samuel is that he does not teach Kabbalah as information to learn or diagrams of the tree of life to memorize.  It is about living and being in a completely different way.  That is why I named the site Walking Kabbalah, because studying Kabbalah is a lived adventure, not dusty information in a book.

I hope this blog will help you begin walking this beautiful tradition, just as it is helping me learn to live these teachings with every step.

Kabbalist Samuel Avital

Kabbalist Samuel AvitalKabbalist Samuel Ben-Or Avital is the the descendent of Moroccan Kabbalists tracing their lineage to 15th Century Spain and before, and the author of The Invisible Stairway: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Hebrew Letters.  Born in the small village of Sefrou, near Fez, in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, he was educated in the home of a simple and remarkable family, passing in an unbroken line the ancient, beautiful, and practice wisdom of the Kabbalah, for generation upon generation.

In 1949 Samuel immigrated to Israel, and in 1956 he traveled to Paris to study with the Masters of Mime, Etienne Decroux and Marcel Marceau. In 1964 he came to the USA and in 1971, he founded Le Centre du Silence Mime School in Boulder, Colorado, where he currently resides.

Gathering the SparksGathering of the Sparks Kabbalah Seminars:  Samuel teaches the Gathering of the Sparks Kabbalah Seminars in Boulder, Colorado.  Those who are interested in studying, can click here to learn more.  (Permission to attend must be obtained directly from Samuel as attendance is by invitation only, for those who are ready to study in a dedicated way).


The Invisible Stairway: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Hebrew Letters, by Samuel Ben-Or Avital:  This is an exceptional book, which I highly recommend to learn more about Kabbalah and kabbalistic meditation on the Hebrew letters.  You can find it here.  

BodyspeakBodyspeak: Samuel teaches embodied spiritual learning in a very exciting, playful, and profound way through movement classes at his mime school, Le Centre Du Silence.  You can learn more about it here, and can sign up for the Bodyspeak Summer Mime Workshop here.

Websites:  You can learn more about Samuel and his work at:


Kabbalah Now: